Friday, July 31, 2009

Sigma Makeup Brushes Review

I was super excited when i received my parcal from Sigma Makeup. I purchased the complete Sigma makeup professional brush set.

I was impressed from the moment i opened the package. The brushed we well wrapped and come in a gorgeous see-thru black carry bag.
The brushes are equally impressive. They are of super high quality. It comes with 12 brushes, for face and eyes and retails for $64 USD for the 12 brushed or $79 for the 12 brushes with a brush roll. I already have 2 brush rolls so i opted just for the brushes.
They ship internationally too, which is a huge plus for Australians (who miss out on so many fun products from overseas because they dont ship internationally -SEPHORA PLEASE START SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY!!) It cost me $14 US to have them sent to me

These are comparable to MAC brushes for ALOT cheaper! I highly recommend these brushes.. Here is the link

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